Options Trading Education

Options Trading Education with former option market makers

exclusive options education

We have partnered with leading options educators to offer FREE bespoke options education to subscribers of OptionNET Explorer (ONE). Our customers can now learn the craft of options trading from 22-year veteran CBOE market makers. Every session is recorded and available for download so you can review at your own pace. A new session is made available every two weeks until you have them all.

Almost 60 hours of pure options education - free of charge.

Unlock the mysteries of options trading, giving you the knowledge you need to succeed.

We believe this represents a truely formidable combination: the best software and the best education. All the tools you need to succeed.

No gimmicks. No "get-rich-quick" promises.

But if you want to learn how to run a successful buiness trading options, there's also no better place.

example topics include
  • Broken Wing Vs Regular Butterfly
  • Buying Butterflies as a Speculative Trade
  • Can I Trade a $50k Options Account Successfully?
  • Which Option Broker to use?
  • Collar Trades for Downside Protection
  • Understanding the Greeks of Iron Condors
  • Picking good vehicles for range bound income trade
  • Buying Verticals for Moves in the Market
  • Campaign Calendars
  • LEAPs
  • Making a Trading Plan
  • Managing a $25k Portfolio
  • Term Structure of Volatility
  • Calendars with Decreasing IV
  • Iron Condors
  • Vertical Trades in a High Volatility Environment
  • Meaningful Backtesting to be a better trader
  • Understanding Delta in a Practical Way
  • Back Spreads: Spec Plays used by Market Makers
  • How to Get Good Trade Execution
  • 10 Key Concepts every Options Trader should know
  • Income Strategies for your Retirement account
  • Fishing For Trades
  • Double Diagonals in any Volatility Environment
  • Managing a 10K Portfolio with Weekly Options
  • Implications of Vega for a Retail Trader
  • Trading Calendars in Low Priced Stocks
  • Cash Secured
  • Weekly vs Monthly Options
  • Plus many more...

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